Dogs are undeniably a man’s best friend. Actually no, dogs are a man’s family. Taking care of a dog can give you a very comfortable and amazing feeling. How good does it feels like whenever you take care of someone or something? Do you also have the tendency to treat your dog like a human being?

Well the things that you might be feeling right now are just perfectly normal. However, if you feel like you still need some time in order to know how to take care of your dog, then that is perfectly fine as well. We are here to give you some ideas in order to give a hand in that problem.

Here are some basic tips that you would probably need:

1. Give them a shower every 2-3 days


It is necessary for your pets to take a bath just like people as well. They would surely need a proper hygiene in order to be healthy. However, you need to be aware of the fact that they should only be taking a bath every after two to three (2-3) days only. The reason behind this fact is that giving them a break from taking a shower actually implies that they will have natural oil in their hair. It will give a stunning, soft, and shiny look for your pet’s hair. So you do not have to shower them every single day unless they have been really playing with the mud and got themselves look really unpleasant and full of dirt.

2. Give them a haircut every summer


Giving your dog a perfect haircut or grooming every summer would definitely be advisable. Just like human beings, your dogs can feel the heat as well. Giving them a haircut can actually help them feel relieved from the heat that the sun extremely gives off during summer. Moreover, cutting their hair actually helps them grow a new and healthy hair too. So be mindful of this one.

3. Cut their nails clean


Cutting their nails by using some clippers is important. It would avoid accidents whenever they rush in running and jumping towards you and towards other people. They have the tendency to cut your skin because of their undeniable lengthy nails. It would also be good if their nails are cut clean in order for them to be healthy.

4. Provide food for them


Providing your dogs a healthy food is a basic and fundamental thing that you should be reminded of at all times. You can feed them with a dog food, but it is important for you to know that giving them pure dog food is actually risky to their health. So it is also important that they should eat some real food such as meat, beef, pork or fish. However you should not give them some fish bones or chicken bones because they have a very sensitive intestine which can cause harm to them that can even cause death. It is of great value as well to make them accustomed in drinking milk every now and then especially during their baby period. It can give them a perfect health and strong bones. Make sure to avoid giving them chocolates because it can really cause death for them.

5. Train them 


Training your dogs does not necessarily mean that you are going to train them for a competition. Calling them by their names and teaching them where to shed or pee are just some of the things that they should be aware of. It only needs a constant practice by giving them discipline and a reward during the training. It is also necessary to let them know of their boundaries. Training them also include their ability to play such as playing fetching games. In order for them to avoid ripping your things apart by biting them, you should give them a toy that they can bite every now and then as an alternative.

6. Get rid of the ticks, fleas and dog lice


Getting rid of the dog lice and the ticks is actually one of the greatest problems that a pet owner can encounter. The dog lice and ticks just would not get lost easily no matter what you do. However, getting rid of these parasites and pests needs a lot of patience. Every day, you should get those pests and parasites manually by getting them one by one. It would also be good to cut their hair so that you would not have a hard time looking for those pests. You can also try to isolate them for a while because they may have gotten these parasites from other dogs too. So it is important to give them a time to get rid of the lice first before bringing them to socialize with other dogs as well. There are also some new strategies by getting rid of the lice. You can also use shampoos and conditioner that are anti-fleas and tick. There are special powders and liquid droplets that you can apply to their body. But make sure to take safety precautions because these medicines might contain something poisonous that can cause harm and even death for your dogs.